Skyscraper (2018) – Heartless Rip off or an Easy Watch ?


I know what you are thinking , “Why is he reviewing a silly action film like Skyscraper? It is just a rip-off of “Towering Inferno” (1974) and Die Hard (1994).” But hey, hold your horses. “Skyscraper”  is so much more than a blatant rip of two of the greatest tower movies in history (it is still a rip off , but with a twist). Will Sawyer (Dwayne “the rock” Johnson ) is a former FBI agent, a US war veteran and an all-round bad ass, who since retiring from the armed forces now assesses security concerns for corporations (evil obviously)  around the world.  So he travels to China to asses the worlds tallest tower and apparently also the worlds safest building ( oh the irony )  and obviously the tower catches fire because a bunch of terrorist break in and need to get to its owner who has bunkered himself at the top of the tower

which is the safest part (again ironically )  and also to add a bit more heat (pardon the pun)  to the film. Sawyers (Johnson)  family is (as expected)  trapped in the tower. The film is as fresh as a fish two days out of water, And yet this does not necessarily mean the film is bad (throw out the fish though).  The film may be easily predictable and may have similar plot points which are used in most action films, such as the main character being blamed for the event causing all the problems, in this case a giant fire and then being chased by the police when all he’s trying to do is save his family.  The police just don’t understand until he takes matters into his own hands . Again very predictable but the film takes different route with its stunts and special effects.  There were points in the film which genuinely made me feel like I had vertigo. The effects were absolutely outstanding to create this giant tower which would even give skydivers a fear of heights, and this is what pulls you into the film’s world and allows the audience to get submerged into the drama.



Also having cast someone like the Rock as the main character, you are already worried about him dangling from the side of the building  because of he is a massive man who would in reality be far too heavy for any tether,  let alone a piece wire/rope  he uses as a self made harness. Skyscraper (2018) is different in the sense that the main character is missing a leg, Sawyer astoundingly performs his death defying feats, all the while being one leg short of a pair. In one sense it makes the movie slightly harder to believe because the stunts looked insane not just for a man with two legs , but even man with three legs couldn’t cut . But look at it from another angle – Paul Rudd is now a superhero so anything is possible .

On a serious note, creating a character who is paraplegic has a very positive morale boosting effect for many people who have lost limbs or were born with birth defects. The film talks to this specific audience that they are capable and can do anything (obviously barring jumping off a crane into a skyscraper on fire ). The message that might be heard by this specific audience demographic is that they are just as capable as people with both legs , or even better. The director & writer Rawson Marshall Thurber along with his star Dwayne Johnson conducted a massive amount of research into prosthetics and various uses as well as how it could be utilised in the film (ex. Being shot in prosthetic foot). To sum it all up,  it is a very simple plot, sprinkled with moments of pure adrenaline. It has generic characters but is also inundated with moments in the film which would inspire the most snooty cynic .

My rating would have to be a solid 6.5/10 , if you are in the market for something exciting but very familiar.  If so then ” Skyscraper” (2018) could be the film for you .

-Ishan Sirtaj

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